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In our 3 - 5 rooms we are committed to providing a high quality experience for every child through the Curriculum for Excellence and also provide a variety of fun activities during the holidays in our extremely popular holiday club.  We take pride in the fact that we provide indivdual rooms for the age groups allowing the curriculum to be followed at an appropriate level.


We have been concentrating lately on numbers, shapes, colours and scissor control in both rooms, these areas will continue to be our focus throughout the year.


The children enjoy gym 2 days a week and baking one day a week with the times being alternated so that all of the children regardless of the days they are booked in will get the opportunity to participate.  Woodland walks are also regular and enjoyed by the children.  Autumn is fast approaching and during these walks the children are collecting items for the displays in the rooms.


The Children and their parents now benefit from electronic folios although much of their artwork is still displayed throughout the rooms.  We encourage parents to participate in the children's folios either through the folio itself or by talking to a member of staff.


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The Yellow and Rainbow Room Team